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Venus Meets Mars
By Deborah Wellborn

    “Venus meet Mars,” she whispered in his ear. 
    The passionate connection between their dueling planets was dead set on a collision course of the most pleasurable kind. 
    "Yeah," he chuckled. "Like some big bang or 'Clash of the Titans.'”
    "Huh?" That didn’t sound very romantic. 

    Yooooooowhooooooo, Venus.  You've landed on the Moon.
    Catch your breath, Lady of Love. Have you been spinning out of orbit lately when it comes to understanding the Martian influence in your life?  Maybe a little stargazing is in order. 
    The terrestrial tango between Venus and Mars has been going since creation.  They’ve kept the astronomers of old and the astrologers of today up late watching the ‘Solar System Salsa,’ get spicier by the moment.  Self-help books on the two lovers have steadily made the New York Times Best Seller list.  Just ask John Gray, author of all the ‘Venus and Mars’ books.

    So what do the lovers really want? 

    Men may be from Mars and women from Venus, but each has a unique expression.  Twelve of them!
    Ladies, if you thought Martians were all the same, think again.  For inside info on the Warriors of the Universe, check out Mars, the planet of physical energy and drive. Make that…sex drive.  What's a guy really thinking when he says, "hey, great dress?" Take a peek at Mars…his Mars.  Astrologically speaking, of course.
    And men, there is more than one way to conquer Venus.  Eat your heart out, John Gray.  Would you hunters of the Zodiac like to have an inside edge on sensual strategies and tactile tactics?  Read up on Venus, in all of her twelve glorious signs.   That should give you plenty of ardent ammo.

    Just like the Sun can be in twelve different signs of the Zodiac, so can Mars and Venus. 
    Ahhhhhh, the universal plot thickens.

    But what kind of woman makes a man’s heart sing and blood boil?  Mars, again?  No, Venus. Yes, that's right!Men have a Venus, too.  Are you getting the picture yet, all you Goddesses of love?
    Maybe Mars has gotten a bum wrap.  The Solar System's Fierce Protector is as varied in love and lust, as the Goddess herself.  But guys, did you know she has a Mars, too?   
    Sizzlin’ fallin’ stars!  What’s an astrologer to do?

Back to the date…
    Breathlessly wrapped in the aftermath, Venus and Mars broke the sound barrier tumbling back to Earth.
    "That was like a magical waltz," she said quivering.  "A passionate planetary dance."
    "Yeahhhhhh sweetheart, like molten lava forming new worlds."