The SunShine Psychic

Positive Answers & Insights that will light up your life.

"They said I had the gift." 

Deborah Wellborn often stumped family and friends alike, even as a child.  Some said she was wise beyond her years.  Her father, believing in her abilities gave her many opportunities to explore and develop her talents. 

“Dad handed me a long metal tool.  I had no idea what it was
or used for.  He asked me to “settle in” and just start telling him
about the tool and it’s original owner.”

Deborah began seeing images of a very tall man, who wore a plaid flannel shirt, overalls, and a straw hat.   She saw a farmhouse, a barn and a windmill.  Her father sat quietly amazed as she described in-depth, her great-grandfather, whom she’d never met, and his farm, with chilling accuracy.  

“Damn, Deb, you’re giving me goose-bumps.”

It’s much more than "woman's intuition" with Deborah.  Using her insights to benefit others is the key, her love and her goal.

“It’s all about inspiring others to use their positive path. 

My psychic and intuitive abilities provide answers, details and direction.

I shine the light on joy and happiness.”

Positive Answers & Insights that will Light Up Your Life!”
Deborah Wellborn has been inspiring others with her “positive path” readings and sharing her intuitive gifts in the Southwest for more than 20 years.  She has written columns and articles for Singles Profile Magazine, and Practical Spirituality.  Her background in Theatre completes the picture for the warm, uplifting and entertaining style to her readings, radio appearances, and life.