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“My reading was so accurate it was astonishing! Deborah got to the heart of the matter immediately and gave me insight that I used to solve a very sticky problem.”  She’s the person I call when I need clarity on key issues.”
Eva Collins, Kitchen Design Consultant


“Deborah’s readings are dynamite, right on, and always produce new insights I can use.”  
Linda Lael Miller, Romance Author, New York Times Bestseller


"Deborah’s readings are always insightful and extremely accurate."

Cristina Whitehawk, Brain Gym®  Instructor/Consultant


“Psychic and practical are not words that usually go together, but they sure do when Deborah Wellborn does a reading. She provides “down to earth” information that I can use in my career, family life and relationships.” Due to her qualities, I recommend her freely to my friends and associates.”
Dr. Debra Pentz, Chiropractic Physician

"Deborah brings an authentic enthusiasm to her intuitive/psychic work that is very contagious and makes it a fun learning adventure for those she is working with.”
Debra Trachy, CEO Trachy Women in Healthcare

“Dear Deborah,
I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your health oriented reading. I’m taking your advice and am feeling much better. It’s amazing how small things can make such a big difference!”
William L. Lampe, Proprietor of the New Mexico Art Auction.

Thanks so much for your insightful reading. I was very surprised at how accurate your reading was. You spoke of something that was going to happen around Christmas time, in October, and in fact it actually happened. A real clear reading for me. I look forward to another one of your insightful readings.
Thanks again,"
M. Williams, Engineer

“Deborah’s readings and insight provided, have helped to guide me in my choices for the future. They have also helped me to find the strength to face ordeals that I felt I had no control over.” 
Sharon Green, Mortgage Banker

"I so appreciated the comparative astrology reading that Deborah did for my daughter and son-in-law. She was right on when she said that they were so compatible that it didn't really matter what day they married. P.S. They both laughed all through the wedding and were the last to leave their reception party. It was good to know in advance that they are soul mates."
D. Melnychuk, Rolfer and Healing Practitioner

“Dear Deborah,
Just a short note to tell you what a wonderful addition you were to our event.  I had many positive comments on your presentation as well as your personality.  Many thanks!” 
Jacqueline Andrews, Travel Agent


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